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This page was created to help gather

and communicate information to and from the Call Committee as Zion Amor searches for a new pastor.

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The Call Committee asks that you please take a moment to provide your insight into Zion. Using one to two words per idea, please tell us what you feel some of Zion’s strengths and areas of opportunity are. You may provide multiple responses. These will be used in our Ministry Site Profile (MSP) to help showcase Zion to potential pastors. We want to tell them more about us and why we're special! The strengths should be qualities, gifts, etc that you feel are some of the best parts of Zion. Think about why you have stayed a member here. The opportunities should be things you feel like we could improve upon or that we have areas for further growth in. Think about what direction you’d like to see Zion move towards in the future. Thank you! 
Fill out the form and select Submit near the bottom or print out and bring to the church office.
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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

All information is kept Confidential

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Top Five Ministry Tasks

Pick the five (5) most critical tasks required in this position.

Gifts for Ministry

Pick the five (5) gifts essential in this position, & the five (5) that are very helpful in this position.



Thanks for your feedback!

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Mutual Expectations

Please list the five (5) primary areas of activity or focus that you wish your newly-called rostered leader to give special attention to during the first year of his / her ministry at this congregation or organization.

Please list the five (5) ways that this congregation / organization will support and encourage the rostered leader during the first year in order to help her / him accomplish these responsibilities.

Thanks for your feedback!